Courses taught

Montana State University Billings

Introduction to American Government (PSCI 210)
Introduction to Comparative Government (PSCI 220)
Introduction to International Relations (PSCI 230)
Introduction to State and Local Government (PSCI 260)
Political Parties & Elections (PSCI 341)
Media, Public Opinion, Polling (PSCI 342)

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

American Politics (POLS 100)
Introduction to Politics (POLS 105)
Research Methods and Sources (POLS 200)
Executive & Legislative Politics (POLS 214)
American Foreign Policy (POLS 224)
Elections and Political Participation (POLS 375)
Special Topics in Political Science (Religion and Politics) (POLS 490)

Kent State Univerisity

Public Policy (POL 10300)
Political Methods (POL 30001)

Ashland University

Democracy in America (POLSC 102)